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Who we are

HandyVets is a veteran-owned company specializing in a wide range of commercial and residential property maintenance and repair solutions. We are fully licensed and have both general liability and workers comp insurance. Our Company is 100% Veteran owned, and provides opportunities for Veterans to now service your home or business. Our family of veterans is knowledgeable, dedicated, and driven by integrity. Together, our owner, master electrician, and job foreman have more than half a century of commercial and residential maintenance experience. 

We are also a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a Missouri Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (SDVE). If you bid on government contracts in the St. Louis area and are looking for a SDVOSB or SDVE that employs skilled, trusted individuals who get the job done, contact us. We can do electrical, low voltage data, AV, general labor, and most things in between. Our experience ranges from being the primary on a $500,000 government contract to being a subcontractor who provides general labor for only a few days. Whatever your needs, we’d be more than happy to assist you in winning the contract or completing it.

What we do

The real question is, what do you need done? HandyVets provides a wide range of commercial and residential property maintenance, repair, and improvement services including indoor and outdoor projects of large and small scale. As your one-call solution, we understand that monthly visits to keep up with the “honey do list” can be just as necessary as an emergency  repair. 

Why we do it

HandyVets was founded to empower veterans to create the future they deserve by removing obstacles such as a lack of formal education and physical disabilities.

Our military men and women typically enroll after high school when many of their peers are going to college. If their military career is cut short due to a physical injury (disability), they often struggle to provide for themselves and their families. They can either choose to start over and go to college, go to trade school, or find a job paying minimum wage.

Did you know…

…75% of veterans have less than a bachelor’s degree?

…one in ten veterans are disabled and this number is on the rise?

…individuals with a VA disability status can be considered a liability by many companies?

HandyVets was founded to help fellow service members overcome these statistics by:

  • Allowing Veterans to utilize the invaluable skills they acquired while serving our country
  • Hiring those with military related injuries / disabilities
  • Filling in skills gaps with on-the-job training and continuing education programs through our HandyVets trainers, associates, and affiliates
  • Assisting veterans to create a viable post-military career path with good pay and benefits

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What Others Are Saying About HandyVets

“HandyVets is the greatest organization I’ve ever worked with. They can do most things and at a reasonable price. They gave me great suggestions, worked hard & came through for me when I really needed help. I will always call HandyVets first."


“Ben’s level of professionalism and passion for doing things the right way made partnering with HandyVets an easy decision. We are very happy with the level of service we receive and look forward to our continued partnership.”


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