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There is no doubt about it. Switching from Florescent Lights to LED Lights is an investment that saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint and ultimately puts money back into your company’s bottom line.

So why are people still so confused about LEDs?

Let’s take a look at the following customer as we compare these 3 reasons all LEDs are not created equal.

Customer Facts:
70 Fixtures they want switched to LED.
Each fixture contains 4 bulbs.
Lights are on 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Electricity costs approximately $.10 per kWh (kilowatt-hour) used.


Like most products, LED Lights have varying qualities. Unfortunately for the consumer, LEDs are still so new most people don’t know how to determine if they’re buying a low quality LEDs or a high quality LEDs. The low quality LEDs will work – it just won’t run as efficiently, last as long, and may not have the light color or brightness that is ideal for your space and how you use it. These are key factors in loving or hating your LED Lights.

Low quality LED Lights are typically made in China and can be purchased at the Big Box Stores such as Home Depot & Lowes as well as online. Buying from the Big Box Store is like getting your LED Lights from The Dollar Store. With this option you’re “converting” to LED by buying LED bulbs but not LED fixtures.

High quality LED Lights can be purchased through a distributor or lighting contractor. With this option, you will be purchasing LED Fixtures with integrated LEDs.

LED Lights are a big investment, don’t waste your money buying the wrong kind from the wrong place. Let someone who knows LED Lights, help you choose them. 


Big Box Store LED Option

LED Bulbs are purchased individually & each bulb runs at 18 watts per hour
4 bulbs X 18 watts per bulb = 72 watts used per hour per fixture
18,345,600 watts per year or 18,345 kWh per year
Big Box Store Option: 18,345 kWh used per year X $.10 = $1834.50 per year

LED Fixture with Integrated LEDs Option

Fixture is an LED fixture with Integrated LEDs that runs at 44 watts per hour per fixture
11,211,200 watts per year or 11,211 kWh per year
LED Fixture Option: 11,211 kWh used per year X $.10 = $1121.10 per year


 Note: This is and LED to LED savings comparison NOT a Florescent to LED savings comparison. Florescent to LED savings is much greater.


Perhaps the Energy Consumption savings didn’t seem like that much to you? Maintenance Costs are what end up sinking the ship when it comes to LED Lights from the Big Box Store.

Big Box Store LED Option

These LED lights will have a 2 – 3 year warranty. In a period of 10 years, you’ll purchase these LED bulbs 3 – 5 times. That’s a lot of LED light bulbs!!

If the bulbs burn out while still under warranty, you or someone from your company will need to deal with the manufacture & send back the product to get a replacement. More likely than not, you’ll simply buy another bulb because that takes less time. What is the point of a warranty if you don’t use it?

You probably aren’t going to be able to find the exact same bulb you purchased 2 years ago – or even 6 months ago – as the inventory at the Big Box Stores is constantly changing. You’ll end up with a hodge podge of lights with varying colors and brightness.

Say these bulbs cost $20 each to purchase.
This means you need 280 LED bulbs (70 fixtures X 4 bulbs).
You’ll spend $5600 to “convert” to LED.
LED BULB COST (10 YEARS) = $16,800 (replacing every 3 years)

Plus you’ll need to pay someone to change out the bulbs each time.
Let’s say it costs $10 to change each bulb “in house”.
You’ll spend $2,800 to replace bulbs.
LED BULB INSTALLATION COST (10 YEARS) = $11,200 (replacing every 3 years)

Total Project Cost = $28,000

LED Fixture with Integrated LEDs Option

These LED Lights have a 10 year warranty. In a period of 10 years, you’ll purchase them only 1 time.

If you purchased your LEDs through distributor or lighting contractor, they take care of contacting the manufacture about any warranty issues to get your fixture replacement.

Since the distributor or lighting contractor has a relationship with their suppliers and manufactures who make high quality products that don’t need to change often, your replacement will match what you already have.

Say these LED Fixtures with Integrated LEDs cost $148 each.
You’ll spend $10,360 to convert the 70 Fixtures to LED
LED FIXTURE COST (10 YEARS) = $10,360 (no replacing)

Let’s say it costs $49 to have a lighting contractor install each fixture.
You’ll spend $3,430 for installation.
LED FIXTURE INSTALLATION COST (10 YEARS) = $3,430 (no replacing)

Total Project Cost = $13,790

LED FIXTURE OPTION – USAGE SAVINGS =            $  7,134 ($713.4 X 10 years)
TOTAL SAVINGS =                                                     $21,274

BOTTOM LINE: Working with a knowledgeable distributor or lighting contractor, guarantees you make the biggest impact on your bottom line.



HandyVets is a veteran based company specializing in LED Lighting Conversions, Electrical Services, and Surveillance Systems. 100% of our technicians are Veterans and we are dedicated to giving our customers excellent quality products at fair prices. Check our our website at or call us at (314) 392-0853 to learn how we can help you choose the right LED Lights or Surveillance System for your space.

As a distributor, HandyVets not only offers high quality LED Lighting Fixtures but we do a FREE LIGHTING ANALYSIS to determine what your specific needs are – do you need more light, less light, different color of light – and we provide you with a detailed report outlining our product recommendations, your projected energy savings, ROI, environmental impact, etc.


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