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We made a mistake. Due to some miscommunication between our office and the customer, this deck was stained the wrong color. OOPS!! Errors happen and this one was HandyVets’ fault.

Once the error was realized, HandyVets immediately made a commitment to the customer to make it right. As we sanded the deck, our technicians noticed how amazing it looked distressed. We asked the customer what they thought and they were just as thrilled as we were! We added a clear coat sealer to maintain the look for years to come and called the project a success.

If allowed, mistakes have the power to turn people and situations into something better than they were before. As a result of learning from this mistake and taking responsibility for it, HandyVets became better. We made this customer happy and can now offer this unique distressed deck to our customers!! 🙂

Testimonial from Home Owner:
“The test of character comes when things go wrong. You certainly passed that test by owning the issues that arose. What a great surprise to have the fix be better than I had hoped for in the original plan! I have had people compliment the deck already.” – Craig, Home Owner.

HandyVets specializes in both commercial and residential handyman services. 100% of our service technicians are Veterans. Our office is located in Saint Charles, MO. We service Saint Charles County as well as parts of Saint Louis County and Lincoln County.

If you are interested in having a distressed deck, give us a call at (314) 392-0853 to discuss your project and schedule an estimate appointment.


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“HandyVets is the greatest organization I’ve ever worked with. They can do most things and at a reasonable price. They gave me great suggestions, worked hard & came through for me when I really needed help. I will always call HandyVets first."


“Ben’s level of professionalism and passion for doing things the right way made partnering with HandyVets an easy decision. We are very happy with the level of service we receive and look forward to our continued partnership.”


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