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LED Retro-Fit

This customer tried to do an LED retro-fit on their own in their commercial space (Anytime Fitness). They spent approximately $1,500 on light bulbs. After they changed the bulbs, they had some lighting issues – lights flickering and a humming noise.

They called HandyVets for help.

From the moment HandyVets received the call, we had a pretty good hunch as to what the issue was. Our onsite appointment confirmed our suspicions. The customer had purchased bulbs that were NOT COMPATIBLE with their existing fixtures. Side-note: doing this creates a huge fire risk.

HandyVets has a relationship with the light manufacturer the customer purchased from so we were able to  make arrangements to return 100% of the materials and re-purchase the correct bulbs – without any fees. Since the correct bulbs require electrical connections to be made and the customer was not comfortable doing so, HandyVets installed the correct bulbs.

Additionally, the customer did not know that Ameren Missouri offers rebates for LED retro-fitting. As a Trade-Ally with Ameren, HandyVets was able to submit their project as an LED retro-fit and the rebate WILL COVER 100% OF OUR LABOR to resolve the issues and complete their LED retro-fit.

In short, our customer only spent an additional $350 to hire a professional company to diagnose and fix all issues, not burn the company down, and still get the incredible savings from changing to LEDs.


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