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LED Lighting



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LED Lighting Conversions

The LED light revolution is here.

Implementing LED Lighting products can save companies significant amounts of money in energy spending, as well as reduce maintenance expenses for over a decade. LEDs are aesthetically and technologically superior to incandescent and CFL lighting and are a clear win for the environment.

Why Choose LED?

  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs can deliver the same amount of light using as little as 10 to 15% of the power. This huge reduction in energy consumption can enable companies to save hundreds of dollars over the life of each light.
  • Save Money & Time: LED lighting offers lifetime financial benefits in the form of lower utility bills and maintenance costs. These valuable savings also come with exceptional returns on investment.
  • Better, Beautiful Light: LEDs have a higher color rendering so everything under them looks more vibrant & lifelike.
  • Incredible Longevity: LED lighting products are designed to last as long as 50,000 to 70,000 hours. Incredible longevity means that you may never change another light again.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The production and use of LEDs requires significantly less energy than incandescent lights or CFLs. Plus, LEDs are free of mercury and other toxic materials—a clear win for the environment.
  • Customizable: Most LED lamps have an optic lens that can be customized to fit the specific application. Light can be directed exactly where you need it most. 

Our Conversion Process

  1. Lighting Analysis (free of charge) – On-site, in-depth assessment of your current lamps, usage & energy costs.
  2. Customized Lighting Proposal Custom look at your current lamps verses what LED would look like for your property & bottom line. The report includes projected savings, ROI, environmental impacts & much more specific to your property.
  3. Choose the LED Lights for your conversion or retrofit
  4. Order Lights
  5. Installation of LED Lights – Our HandyVets handle the installation quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business.
  6. Rebates & Tax Credits – There are many state & local rebates and federal tax credits available. If you qualify, we will help submit paperwork for approval before your order is placed and will submit the remaining paperwork once the job is complete.


Before LED Conversion

After LED Conversion

HandyVets can convert lighting for corporations, schools, government and healthcare facilities, municipalities, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, grocery stores, and residential homes. Want to know more about how we can convert your organization to save you money? Contact us today


LED Warranties

  • Philips Limited Warranty: Indoor Professional Luminaires (US)
  • Philips Limited Warranty: Outdoor Professional Luminaires
  • Philips Limited Warranty: Components (Lamps, Drivers, Ballasts and Modules)
  • RAB Lighting Product Warranties
  • US LED: General LED Lighting Warranty


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