Preventative Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Have you sanitized your garbage disposal recently? When was the last time you drained and refilled your water heater? Is cleaning the showerheads on your to-do list?

Preventative Maintenance Plans in St. Charles CountyThere’s a good chance your answer to these questions is, “who actually takes the time to do those things?” Well, HandyVets does. And here’s why:

Preventive maintenance can mean the difference between maintaining the value in your home or depleting the equity you might have gained; keeping hard earned cash in your pocket, or throwing it down the drain. Routine home analysis and maintenance is a minor investment to protect the biggest investment you will ever make. The best news? A study by researchers at the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University suggests that maintenance actually increases the value of a house by about 1 percent each year.

Why should you do regular home maintenance?

  • To maintain the value of the property
  • More beautiful, comfortable, and enjoyable to live in
  • Minimize unexpected repair work and expense
  • Sells faster and usually for more money
  • Keep costs from becoming larger through neglect
  • Reduce family safety and health risks
  • A lender’s agreement usually requires the owner to maintain the property to protect the lender’s financial interest

Sobering home safety statistics:

(Sources: US Consumer Product Safety Commission & National Fire Protection Association)

  • 15,600 dryer fires occur each year resulting in property damage exceeding $75 million dollars. Leading cause? Lack of Maintenance!
  • 20,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year for injuries related to garage doors.
  • 15,260 injuries and 2660 deaths annually due to failure or problems with smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers.
  • 38,300 reported home electrical fires including 120 deaths and 390 injuries associated with electrical wiring, circuit breakers, fuses and meters.

HandyVets specializes in proactively and systematically keeping your home operating and functioning at its best. Our preventative maintenance plans help hundreds of St. Louis families avoid major, costly home malfunctions and disasters each year. Contact us today to learn more about how our Preventative Maintenance Plans can help maintain (and in some cases increase) the value of your home.

Preventative Home Maintenance Plans

4 Service Calls Each Year: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Basic Plans:

  • Start at $25.95/month
  • Service Calls are approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour

Premium Plans:

  • Start at $55.95/month
  • Service Calls are approximately 1 ½ hours – 2 hours

Member Benefits:

  • 10% discount on larger handyman projects / bid work
  • $49/hour for hourly handyman services (regularly $59/hour)
  • Priority scheduling on handyman services
  • Priority turnaround time on estimates
  • Access to the best prices from our referral partners
  • Free optional Lighting Analysis for LED Conversion


Clean Kitchen Sink Disposal
Clean Drain “P” Traps
Change HVAC Filters (customer provides filter)
Clean Cold Air Return Grills
Test Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors (batteries included)
Change Hard-to-Reach Light Bulbs
Test Electrical GFCI Outlet Functionality
Check for Plumbing Leaks
Visual Site Inspection – Interior & Exterior
Discuss Any Home Maintenance or Repair Needs
Check Fire Extinguishers – Expiration, Proper Placement

BASIC PLAN – CHOOSE 3 PER SERVICE CALL Frequency Recommended Per Year
Check & Flush Exterior Drainage 1-2
Check Whole-House Water Pressure 1
Check, Clean Sensors & Oil Auto Garage Door 1
Clean Faucet Aerators 1-2
Test & Disinfect Sump Pump 1
Winterize Exterior Faucets & AC Unit 1
Check & Tighten all Handles & Knobs 1
Check & Repair Door Hinges, Handles & Strikes 1
Check & Clean Bathroom Vents/Fans 2
Check & Clean Range Hood Filters 2
Check Locks & Deadbolts 1
Inspect Supply Lines 1
Cycle Toilets & Check for Proper Function 1
Test Electrical Panel & Inspect Breakers 1
Add Custom Item

Check & Clean Dryer Vent 1
Exterior Drainage & Foundation Inspection 1
Deck Safety Inspection 1
Cycle Emergency Shut-Off Valves 1
Clean Showerheads 1-2
Spray Coils on AC Unit 1
Attic Inspection 1
Flush Basement Floor Drains 1
Doors – Check / Repair Seals & Weather Stripping 1
Windows – Check / Repair Seals & Weather Stripping 1
Add Custom Item

Hot Water Heater – Flush, Remove Sediment, Bleed Water Lines & Check Pressure Release Valve 1-2
Clean & Disinfect Humidifier 1
Clean Gutters & Visual Inspection of Roof & Flashing (Weather Permitting) 1-3
Clean Refrigerator Coils 1
Check & Fill Driveway / Pavement for Cracks 1
Check & Repair Exterior Caulking 1
Check & Repair Interior Caulking 1
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Not ready to commit to a plan? We provide a la carte handyman services, too!

Not sure if HandyVets provides the services you need? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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